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Ep 5 - Protos' Training In Beach

After talking to the couple, Protos came home in his apartment. He is planning to buy a motorcycle so he can ride the entire town to familiarize himself of places. He use his smartphone to look for motorcycles.

Protos: I'm not after the brand. All of them are good for me but I have to choose one. Let's narrow it down. I will be needing a lot of speed whenever I need to chase bad guys. I will also need a space for Bill. 650cc big bike that can ride all terrain with tool box will be perfect for me.

Protos: Let me see where the store is... Ah, it's 3 km away from here. I'll just continue jogging to reach the store. I have plenty amount of money so I can buy it for cash.

Protos start jogging to the motorcycle store. He buy a motorcycle that he needs and also the accesories that he need. He then start strolling around the town.

Protos: This place is so lovely. I have to locate a private place where I can practice my powers.

He downloaded an app in his smartphone that can direct him in the places that he want to go and went to a beach to practice his powers. Marian and Randy saved Protos' phone number so they can phone them whenever they need him so he don't need to worry whenever something might happen.

Protos start shadow boxing in the beach. After 9 minutes of shadow boxing he stop.

Protos: And now, I will practice using elemental powers. First, the wind that my friend taught me.

He closed his fist and start charging wind piwer in it. He released a powerful punch with wind element in the direction of seashore and the water divides.

Protos: I'm still ready for battle! Now I'm going to try fire.

Protos opened his right hand and a huge fire came out of it. He point it in the direction of the water and fires it. The water divides even more.

Protos: My fire! That blast can toast huge amounts of evil enemies. And now, the combination of two.

When the water settles down. He start to focus his fire energy in the water and then a huge fire ball appeared at the water. The water starts to boil.

Protos: Fire ball created. Let's mix a little wind in it.

Protos close his eyes and concentrate. The firball becomes a windy fire and the water starts to wave around it. After a while it became a small hurricane with fire. And then he stop it.

Protos: Okay that's all for today. It's time to go home and rest.

Protos go home with his new motorcycle and then rest in his apartment.


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